Artist. Athlete. Creator. 




I am knoxHill.


I am not a product of hip hop, I’m just a product of the environment I grew up in. It started off freestyling for money after school, it was fueled by countless losses and late nights trying to find my outlet. I have always been a poet, an artist who loved all types of music. Rap is merely the evolution of Knox Hill. I am a contradiction in every sense of the word. Pro athlete who doubles as a musician, backpacker who misses home, introvert who needs a crowd to express himself - welcome to the mind of a man torn by identity. At the center of it all is my one constant in this life: the music that I love. Welcome to my universe. 





Knox Hill brings you his sophomore debut 'Samurai X'. Satellite sounds crash into earth-shattering rhymes as the young MC lights up his new era in Space Hop style. Put your headphones on and hit the panic button... 




As worn by Knox himself. #SamuraiX